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Smart. Hassle-free.

jaris offers competitive, fixed fee working capital advances and loans that are repaid with a percentage of daily card sales processed through your payment service provider.


No Application to Complete


No Monthly Bills


No Hidden Fees


No Prepayment Penalties

How It Works

Customize Your Offer

$ 13,000

$ 1,300 Fee

$ 14,300 Total

11% Repayment Percentage

$ 13,000 Deposited

Amount deposited to your bank account.

$ 1,300 Fixed Fee

Total amount to be paid back is $14,300.

Estimated Payback Less than 1 Year

Prepay at anytime without penalty.

11% of Daily Card Sales

Repayments get automatically deducted from your settlement account as a percentage of card sales until the advance amount and the fee are paid in full.

Numbers are for illustrative purposes only


Just click on the approved offer to select your advance, electronically sign docs, and you are on your way. No applications to complete. No collateral required.


Once you finalize the advance, the funds are deposited in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Once received, you can use them immediately.


Pay off your advance with automatic deductions from your daily card sales so you never have to think about it. No bills or monthly payments. You can also prepay at no additional cost.

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With jaris Working Capital You Can:

purchase inventory

Purchase inventory

buy equipment

Buy equipment

bridge cashflow

Bridge cashflow

new locations

Open new locations

increase marketing

Increase marketing

more staff

Hire more staff

Stay Informed

jaris application
  • Check your repayment progress
  • See payment history
  • Make custom payments
  • Prepay at anytime
  • View signed documents
  • Get answers to questions