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Enterprise-grade embedded flex loans, installment loans, and loan-to-card products

Our speed, integrations, metrics, and support can't be beat. Here's how embedded commercial loans should be done.

How embedded lending should be done

  • $875 million offered through our banking partners so far

  • Regulated, compliant, competitive products and terms
  • jaris manages all risk – from KYC / KYB / AML to legal to servicing
  • Transparent, fixed fees – no hidden interest or other charges
  • Seamless integration, fully automated processes
  • We work with your privacy policy – and protect your data

  • 95% Approval Rate

    Our flexible credit structures allow us to extend offers to >70% of your customer base. Our approval rate reflects our underwriting capabilities – giving your customers a top-notch experience.  

  • 85% Renewal Rate

    jaris Partners report incredible numbers of customers coming back to them for commercial loans again and again, knowing it's transparent with no hidden fees, periodic interest, or prepayment penalties.

  • 98% Retention Rate

    Imagine keeping thousands of your customers away from competitors – simply by offering commercial loans. Our Partners move past transactions to create engaging customer relationships.

jaris keeps the process simple for you and your small business customers

Commercial lending as easy as 1-2-3 (clicks)

Pre-approved commercial loan offers appear to your customers in your brand and your existing dashboard. If approved, they simply choose their desired loan amount via interactive panel and within 1-2 business days funds are deposited – letting them replace equipment, remodel, expand staff, stock inventory, and more.

Repayment is automatic, using a fixed percentage of daily sales. This allows repayment to match cash flow – pay more when sales are strong; less if things slow down.

jaris handles everything – in your brand or ours

What is embedded commercial lending? Our full-service, partner-branded solution handles all underwriting, compliance, support, AML/KYC, licensing, and capital markets, along with things you've never thought of.

In short: we do the heavy lifting for you; your customers get a seamless experience from you. And, we work with any payment processor to make repayment and reconciliation easy for you both.  

We ensure your success

Partners report email campaigns with >50% open and >20% click-through rates thanks to our Marketing and Support. We share our best practices to drive engagement, lending volume, and customer happiness (even NPS rates go up thanks to our partnership).

And your customers will appreciate jaris' world-class support: fast, compassionate response by phone, email – even text.

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Bank partnership: Protects borrowers and Partners
Processor agnostic: Supports any processor
No brokers or middlemen: Better rates and conversion
Customizable program: Tailored and branded

I am SO pleased with my experience. It's been such a blessing for me to be able to receive this loan to help me grow and expand my business. I love how easy you made it for us as well.

Jackie C.


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