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enterprise-grade embedded financial solutions.

Only jaris’ purpose-built platform binds legal, compliance, licensing, underwriting, servicing, financing, and risk management into a single, embedded solution that protects our partners and their small business customers while future-proofing their roadmaps. 

We are not a merchant cash advance (MCA). Our commercial loans are built on a Bank program to protect your platform and your customers.

All loans are issued by one of jaris Lending, LLC’s partner banks and serviced by jaris Lending, LLC.

Unbeatable stickiness and revenue on the only enterprise-grade platform for embedded finance.


    • $875mm in offers

    • Full stack lending and servicing

    • Fully licensed: we stay in front of ever-changing regulatory requirements

    • Automated, end-to-end, easy to use program that scales seamlessly


    • 85% renewal rates

    • 98% retention for customers with loans

    • Increase in engagement

    • High customer satisfaction resulting in significant NPS improvements


    • 70% eligible customer coverage

    • Industry-leading conversion rates 

    • 95% approval rates

    • Increased Customer Lifetime Value

    • Flexible, recurring revenue share models


Proven approach. Proven experience. Proven results.

Fastest time to market

We fit into any roadmap

Our flexible frontend tools, an industry veteran integration team for speed, and a superior product tailored to your needs makes it enjoyable from setup to servicing.

And our capital structure gives you the advantage by offering fair and competitive terms to your small business customers.

Your brand, our reputation

We protect you and your customers from predatory products

We built it so you don't have to: no more stitching disparate components together, or facing the devastating consequences of regulation, licensing, and other laws the others can't (or don't bother to) address.

The best partner model – and your partner at scale

Flexible and favorable, from powered by to private-label partnership models

jaris turns you from your customers' software tool to an invaluable business resource, enhancing your reputation as much as your competitive advantage.

Post-launch, we offer marketing and operational support, and can easily handle your growth without interruption.

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Outcompete your peers.

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