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10 Leading Companies with Most Disruptive Solutions

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jaris is partnered with companies like SpotOn, HoneyBook, and Worldline, offering $875mm in capital to their small business customers so far.

Our Mission

Democratize Commercial Finance

Roughly 4 in 10 small business owners have not obtained capital solutions from any institution – even friends or family.

But with jaris, no longer will your small business customers have to wait weeks or fill out tons of paperwork with traditional banks.

Now, they can come to you for fast, easy financial solutions with high approval rates.

Unbiased and Tailored Underwriting

We created an underwriting model for coverage that scales your customer base alongside you. Our results: 95% approval and 85% renewal rates with industry-leading conversions.

Compliant products only

We protect SMBs from being lured into merchant cash advances or other predatory situations by only offering products that meet federally-regulated standards.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we insist on partnering only with those who also believe in offering safe, compliant financial products to help them succeed.

Quick Facts

  • Industry veterans in finance, fintech, engineering, legal, servicing, underwriting, and compliance

  • Series B with $40mm+ raised
  • Fully compliant banking agreements
  • $875 million in capital opportunities offered through our banking partners

  • Backed by notable investors Wing, GSR Ventures, and Franklin Templeton
  • Headquartered in Burlingame, California, with offices in Canada, Poland, and Belgium

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