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Trusted by leading software companies and payments providers.

jaris is partnered with companies like SpotOn, HoneyBook, and PCS offering over $1 billion in bank issued loans to their small business customers.

jaris is a leading technology provider of fully serviced, bank-backed commercial finance solutions for small business customers. Only jaris’ purpose-built platform binds legal, compliance, licensing, underwriting, servicing, financing, and risk management into a single, embedded solution that protects our partners and their small business customers while future-proofing their roadmaps. Headquartered in Burlingame, California, jaris is comprised of industry veterans with decades of deep domain expertise.

Compliant products only

We’re the only full stack, enterprise grade, fully managed platform.  We do 100% of the heavy lifting in-house which allows you to offer competitive, compliant, products with the highest customer satisfaction. We removed the risk and friction for you and your customers.

Quick Facts

  • Industry veterans in finance, fintech, engineering, legal, servicing, underwriting, and compliance

  • Series B with $40mm+ raised
  • Fully compliant banking agreements
  • Over $1 billion in capital opportunities offered through our banking partners

  • Backed by notable investors Wing, GSR Ventures, and Franklin Templeton
  • Headquartered in Burlingame, California, with offices in Canada, Poland, and Belgium

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