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May 10, 2023

What is jaris’ Approach to Low/No Code, and How Does it Benefit Our Partners?

We took a moment with jaris’ CTO, Neel Patel, to discuss low/no code and what it means for jaris solutions – and you – when it comes to your embedded lending partnership.

What low/no code means, and what this approach means for the jaris experience

Low code entails getting our experience embedded into your platform with just a few lines of code, instead of a few hundred. For example, you aren't forced to write dozens of detailed API calls, create the UX and code for interactions with those calls, or spend several sprints of time and energy with a team building an integration from the ground up. 

Above: jaris Connect (left), jaris FastTrack

For example, by taking a low code approach using Connect, we have enabled an embedded experience with just three lines of JavaScript and a single API call, which frees up a lot of energy and resources for a partner’s development team while still making our API library available for on-demand customization. 

No code takes it further for those who don’t have the people, time, or roadmap up front for a low code option. In our case, we created FastTrack, a jaris-hosted app our partners can simply direct their customers to use and apply for a loan until that partner is ready to move to Connect. 

We then made it possible to bundle our other valuable components of the jaris experience, essentially providing a modular approach to configure the right integration for each partner. You don’t have to use a one-size-fits-some product requiring ground up, deeply customized code for each component.

jaris offers integration offerings to fit any roadmap. Choose from among our front end, data, and repayment components to create a bundle that’s right for you.

By adding our data component, you can leverage our ability to ingest your data to enhance the borrower experience, which reduces friction and improves conversion; through our repayment component, your terms get better and risk of default significantly decreases. But neither of these require deep labor, thanks to how we’ve designed the implementation. (For example, our repayment component only requires you to change an account number.)

Within the data and repayment components, too, are options that allow you to prioritize specific features now, and other features later. Perhaps you need speed without integration today, and tomorrow you want higher conversions. Our approach lets you change it as you see fit, with no disruption in service.

How our low/no code approach benefits our partners’ time and resources

We know our partners are just like any other tech company: engineering time is at a premium and there are always more projects than engineers. 

Our low/no code approach speeds up onboarding and reduces maintenance for our partners, and enables jaris to deliver products while eliminating or reducing the amount of work required by our partners. For example, we can devote time to thinking about how something like repayment can and should benefit our partners beyond accepting a percentage of a transaction. 

As a result, we don’t have to stop at can it be embedded; we can make sure embedding is seamless. We don’t have to stop at adding a partner’s logo; we can make sure our attention to branding detail exceeds partner expectations. And everyone’s environment becomes more iterative as a result, while still allowing on-demand customization.

Low and no code programming is only becoming more sophisticated, and jaris is right there at the forefront to keep creating sophisticated solutions for our partners that allow them to launch now while deepening their integrations on their terms. 

To discuss the possibilities partnering with jaris can bring, reach out to sales@jaris.io or contact us here.

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