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Modular integration options

Configure the perfect integration for your resources and roadmap

Our goal is to provide the best integration experience that drives the highest customer coverage, retention, and revenue.

Merchant Application & Servicing

Front-end integration options

No-Code, Hosted

  • Designed for partners/platforms who want to get started with little to no engineering effort

  • Launch from email invite or portal

  • SSO integration available

  • Customizable UI: configure the look and feel to match your platform

  • Built with security and user privacy in mind

Low-Code, Embedded

  • Comprehensive merchant experience embedded in your dashboard

  • Drive additional traffic to your dashboard

  • Customizable UI: configure the entire experience to match the look and feel of your dashboard. (no engineering effort required)

  • Take advantage of webhooks to improve the merchant experience


  • Full customization inside your dashboard or app

  • Comprehensive set of APIs

  • Secure RESTful APIs

"Small businesses and local restaurants are the heartbeats of our communities, and with jaris, we are committed to giving them easy access to affordable capital loans to run and grow their business. Whether our clients need to purchase equipment, stock up on inventory, or invest in expansion, our partnership with jaris allows us to give these businesses a fighting chance."


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